The World's Greatest Books — Volume 08 — Fiction

The World's Greatest Books — Volume 08 — Fiction

SIR WALTER SCOTT Quentin Durward I.--The Wanderer Meets Louis XI. II.--The Scottish Archer III.--A Prize for Honour IV.--The Winning of the Prize Rob Roy I.--I Meet Diana Vernon II.--Rashleigh's Villainy III.--In the Highlands IV.--Rob Roy to the Rescue The Talisman I.--The Knight of the Leopard II.--Richard Coeur-de-Lion III.--Richard and Sir Kenneth IV.--The Victory of Sir Kenneth MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT SHELLEY Frankenstein I.--Robert Walton's Letter II.--Frankenstein's Story III.--Frankenstein's Creation IV.--The Doom of Frankenstein V.--Walton's Letter, continued SIR PHILIP SIDNEY Arcadia I.--Lost and Found II.--The Lovers' Quest III.--Through Perils to Peace TOBIAS SMOLLETT The Adventures of Roderick Random I.--My Birth, Parentage, and Childhood II.--I Arrive in London III.--I Recover My Father IV.--I Am Married Peregrine Pickle I.--Peregrine's Parentage II.--The Commodore Takes Peregrine Under His Own Care III.--First Acquaintance with Miss Emilia Gauntlet IV.--Peregrine is Left an Orphan and Marries MADAME DE STAËL Corinne I.--The Roman Poetess II.--The Living and the Dead III.--Corinne's Story IV.--Parting and Pursuit V.--The Clouded Moon STENDHAL (HENRI BEYLE) The Chartreuse of Parma I. Fabrice del Dongo II.--Giletti III.--The Citadel IV.--The Escape V.--Clelia's Vow LAURENCE STERNE Tristram Shandy I II III IV V VI VII.--The Story of Le Fevre VIII.--The Story of Le Fevre (continued) IX.--The Story of Le Fevre (concluded) HARRIET BEECHER STOWE Uncle Tom's Cabin I.--Humane Dealing II.--Eliza's Escape III.--The Property Is Carried Off IV.--Freedom EUGÈNE SUE Mysteries of Paris I II III IV JONATHAN SWIFT Gulliver's Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World I.--A Voyage to Lilliput II. I Depart from Blefusco III.--A Voyage to Brobdingnag IV.--At the Court of Brobdingnag WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY The Newcomes I.--The "Cave of Harmony" II.--Clive Newman in Love III.--Clive is Married IV.--The Colonel Says "Adsum" When His Name is Called The Virginians I.--Harry Warrington Comes Home II.--Samaritans III.--Harry Warrington is Disinherited IV.--From the Warrington MSS. Vanity Fair I.--Miss Sharp Opens Her Campaign II.--Two Marriages III.--After Waterloo IV.--Colonel Dobbin Leaves the Army COUNT LYOF N. TOLSTOY Anna Karenina I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X ANTHONY TROLLOPE The Warden I.--Hiram's Hospital II.--The Barchester Reformer III.--Iphigenia IV.--The Warden Resigns Barchester Towers I.--The New Bishop II.--The Bishop's Chaplain III.--Mrs. Proudie Gets a Fall IV.--Mr. Slope Bids Farewell IVAN TURGENEV Fathers and Sons I.--The Old and the New II--Bazaroff's Home-Coming III.--The Duel IV.--The Passing of Bazaroff A Nest of Nobles I.--A Student's Marriage II.--Separation III.--A New Friendship IV.--Love and Duty Smoke I.--A Broken Idyll II--Temptation III--A Ruined Life IV.--Love's Reward JULES VERNE Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea I.--I Join a Strange Expedition II.--The Attack and After III.--Our Life on the Nautilus IV.--Captain Nemo and the Avenger V.--The Doom of the Oppressor VI.--Our Escape from the Nautilus HORACE WALPOLE Castle of Otranto I.--The Helmet II.--Father Jerome III.--The Knight of the Sword IV.--The Prophecy Fulfilled ÉMILE ZOLA Drink I.--The Lodgers of the Hôtel Boncoeur II.--Gervaise and Coupeau III.--Starting on the Down Road IV.--Lantier's Return V.--The Beginning of the End VI.--The Final Ruin
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